Some Business Decisions are Easy

Stratosfy leverages cutting edge technology to bring your website to your customers at the fastest speeds possible
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The business case for a faster website is simple.

Faster websites rank higher in search engines

and deliver a better experience to your customers.

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That’s where we come in

Utilizing our platform as well as widely used open source solutions, we’ll streamline your website and deliver it statically and locally over Content Delivery Networks (CDN’s),
This way, Stratosfy increases the value of your website and your brand across the channels that matter most. In English, that means return on investment.
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Why Stratosfy:

Stratosfy is faster

We turn your website into a set of static files. We then serve those files on a CDN. That means that, instead of rendering your website on the fly like normal dynamic websites (including ALL websites built on WordPress) on a per visitor basis your website is shown the same way to every visitor. Doing this means the servers we run on, have less to do and therefore, your website pages show up faster on a browser.

Stratosfy is smarter and better supported

You won’t need support – we are pretty confident of that. But if you do, we hire and train the best in the business. We are proactive, so we fix problems before they are manifest to the public in the form of a misbehaving website. Because we manage a robust portfolio of servers and a strong network of CDN’s, if there is an expected delay or concern with a website, we can propagate the site onto a different infrastructure as a backup.

Stratosfy is more secure

We hybridize the experience of building a website. One for you and one for the public. This means you can continue to run your website in WordPress, while the world gets an upgraded version of your site that shows what they need to see, and does it better. We take the dynamic content made in WordPress on your private server and we turn it into static content and publish it on your live site.

Because the website that is hosted on public servers is not using PHP or other more vulnerable code languages/frameworks, hacking into your public site is significantly more difficult.

We also use high level security protocols on both your private site and your public site making it extremely difficult for any hacker to exploit the normal vulnerabilities.

Something Different. Something Better.

Stratosfy is a mixture of best practices, leading edge technology and innovative thinking.

We pride ourselves on figuring out how to leverage widely available technologies in ways that most businesses are unfamiliar with. We are taking the finest minds in the industry and are challenging them to bring the best practices to a mainstream audience in order to improve the way business is done on the web.

Your business is everything. Isn’t it about time that a services company treated you as their most important client?

We want to bring your business into the future with the technology, innovation and applications that help you to grow it responsibly, without breaking the bank.

Want a website that converts? A holistic platform of business services that grows with you? A partner to help you navigate the business scape? Look no further than Stratosfy.